Transforming M.E.N. Through Mentorship, Engagement & Networking

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Transforming M.E.N. through Mentorship, Engagement & Networking

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Building Credible Relationships

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The Presence of M.E.N. (Mentorship – Engagement – Networking)

One of the greatest honors a man can have is the role of a Father. “How well do you connect with your sons?” Do you understand the long-term benefits of maintaining an evolving connection with your sons?

Elston Montford invites fathers and sons to study and use this powerful acronym, M.E.N., to build credible relationships. Discover how a powerful relationship today can impact future generations.

Many of the best relationships include the acronym, M.E.N., in some way. Mentorship connects visions and dreams to proven experience and education. Engagement promotes active participation while we see new and seasoned perspectives of our dreams. Networking positions us in an environment to share our resources.

In this seminar and workshop, Elston will help create and enhance the connection between fathers and sons.

Learning Objectives

(Participants Will)

  • Learn the Art of Mentorship
  • Learn the Power of Sonship
  • Engage with your sons through Improved Listening Skills
  • Create A Vision that both Father and Son can Develop
  • Create an Environment for Connection
  • Discover Your Individual and Combined Assets
  • Learn How to Network for and with each other
  • Learn How to Reconnect When there is a Disconnect
  • Learn How Rebuild Trust
  • Learn the Art of Motivating Your Son, while imparting Responsibility

The Purpose, Power, and Presence of M.E.N.


  • For Fathers and Sons
  • For Mothers and Sons
  • For Uncles and Nephews
  • For Youth Leaders and Youth
  • Managers and Staff
  • Mentors and Mentees

Building Lasting Confidence

Clarity – Commitment – Consistency

  • For Fathers and Sons
  • For Mothers and Sons
  • For Uncles and Nephews
  • For Youth Leaders and Youth
  • Managers and Staff
  • Mentors and Mentees

Decision - Discipline - Determination - Dedication

The EJ Story From High School to Veterinary School

  • For High School Commencement
  • For Middle and High School Events
  • For Churches with Youth Group
  • For Religious Organizations
  • For Community Youth Rallies
  • Corporation

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Transforming MEN through Mentorship, Engagement & Networking With his unique blend of wisdom, humor, and enthusiasm, Elston consistently delivers messages that are motivating, encouraging, and entertaining.


+1 (678) 941-4199

Atlanta, Georgia 


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