Transforming M.E.N. Through Mentorship, Engagement & Networking

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Transforming M.E.N. through Mentorship, Engagement & Networking

Elston Montford is a keynote speaker who conducts workshops with a mission of developing, cultivating and empowering men of all ages. He is known to many as simply “The Mentor”. He is the Founder and CEO of Elston Speaks Worldwide, LLC. Elston is the author of the audio series and workshop program The Purpose, Power, and Presence of M.E.N.

Elston conducts his workshops and coaching programs both live and virtually. He has spoken to youth groups, professional organizations, churches, schools, leadership groups, and a host of others. 

As a mentor to countless teens and young adults, Elston has cultivated amazing transformations and incredible results in the lives of many through his messages and teachings for over two decades. Elston consistently delivers messages that promote the principles of Mentorship, Engagement, and Networking. 

As a father to two young adult sons, Elston understands the importance of continuous motivation, constant encouragement, and active listening. These skills enhance the relationship of Father and Son(s), but in addition provide an example to other fathers, sons, and young men in the community. 

Elston shares the powerful and effective principles of M.E.N. to business organizations to impact sales and revenue. The business community has provided the opportunity to network with small business owners while providing training sessions and strategies for team building, enhancing client relationships, and improving customer service.

Elston Montford earned a master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Keller Graduate School of Management (now DeVry University). Elston is a native of Atlanta, GA. 

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Transforming MEN through Mentorship, Engagement & Networking With his unique blend of wisdom, humor, and enthusiasm, Elston consistently delivers messages that are motivating, encouraging, and entertaining.


+1 (678) 941-4199

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